Prestigious national award for Professor Ian Alexander

A pioneer of the Australian gene therapy field, Professor Ian Alexander, has been awarded the prestigious Peter Wills Medal as part of the Research Australia Health and Medical Research Awards. Professor Alexander is head of Children’s Medical Research Institute’s Gene Therapy Research Unit, which he founded over 25 years ago, as a joint initiative withContinue reading “Prestigious national award for Professor Ian Alexander”

New research facility to deliver life-saving medical technology in Western Sydney

CMRI is delighted by the NSW Government’s announcement about the establishment of Australia’s ​first commercial-scale viral vector manufacturing facility in the Westmead Health and Innovation District. The ability to manufacture high-quality (clinical grade) viral vectors in Australia is critically important for our gene therapy programs. It will accelerate the delivery of, and access to, life-saving new gene therapies developed in the CMRI labsContinue reading “New research facility to deliver life-saving medical technology in Western Sydney”

Announcing the establishment of the Australian Genome Therapeutics Centre

This collaborative effort will transform the treatment of children with serious inherited diseases and contribute to the development of exciting new treatment options for a wide range of other diseases, including cancer, across all age groups.